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Aluminium decking offers a modern, durable, and low-maintenance solution for outdoor living spaces; it is also non-flammable making it a safe option. Ideal for residential and commercial applications, aluminium decking provides a sleek, long-lasting surface that withstands the elements with minimal upkeep.

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Fire resistant

Aluminium decking stands out for its non-flammable properties, making it an exceptionally safe choice for outdoor living spaces. This non-combustibility feature means it is perfect for all types of buildings and adheres to building codes and regulations concerning fire safety.

The non-flammable properties of aluminium decking means it doesn't ignite or spread flames, providing an added layer of security for residential homes, commercial establishments, and public spaces alike.

Low Maintenance

Aluminium decking is the perfect low maintenance option. Unlike wood, which requires annual treatments, or composite materials that need periodic cleaning, aluminium decking demands little beyond occasional rinsing with soap and water to maintain its appearance. Its resilience against rust, rot, and insect damage ensures a pristine look for years without the need for staining, sealing, or repainting, making it a hassle-free choice for any decking project.


Aluminium decking is synonymous with unparalleled durability. Its robust nature ensures it stands up admirably to harsh weather conditions, from blistering summers to freezing winters, without warping, cracking, or fading. It is resistant to rot, rust, and pest damage, aluminium decking maintains its structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over decades, making it a reliable choice for any outdoor space.