Balcony Decking

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Our experts provide Balcony decking solutions for clients in London and the surrounding areas.

Creating an inviting and durable balcony space starts with choosing the right decking. Balcony decking enhances the appearance of your outdoor area while providing a comfortable and durable surface to enjoy year-round. Whether you're upgrading your home, a hotel, an apartment complex, or a commercial space, the right decking can transform any outdoor balcony into a sought-after retreat.

Our experts have developed a reputation throughout London for always providing a quality service. Our team achieve this through their commitment to customer service and always providing a stress-free service. Get in touch with our team for more information and a free quotation.

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Choosing the right material

When selecting the ideal material for your decking, consider aesthetics, durability, and maintenance requirements. Wood decks bring natural charm but demand regular maintenance. Composite decking strikes a balance, offering durability with less upkeep. Aluminium decking emerges as a sturdy, low-maintenance option, resistant to weather and decay, making your decision hinge on personal lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.


Proper installation is crucial for the longevity and safety of your decking. It involves preparing the site, ensuring structural integrity, and waterproofing where necessary. Professional installation can prevent future issues by correctly handling materials, allowing for expansion, and ensuring water drains away from structures.

Maintenance and repair

Regular maintenance keeps your decking looking its best and extends its lifespan. Wood decks may need annual staining and sealing, while composite and aluminium typically require just regular cleaning. Promptly repair any damage, such as loose boards or railings, to maintain safety and prevent further deterioration.